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North Korea Fires Missile Toward Sea of Japan; 'Complicit' Word of the Year • TUE NOV 28, 2017 2:17 PM

  TOP NEWS …  Pre-Christmas collapse as 4,000 jobs at risk of losing jobs at tobacco supplier P&H -- skyNEWS Virgin Atlantic Airbus A333 and EgyptAir Boeing 777 touch wings at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport Monday night -- Fox News   MILITARY …  North Korean ballistic missile trajectory headed toward Sea of Japan -- CNBC North Korea nuke test could take place ANY DAY as Japan and North Korea detect mysterious radio signals from an NK missile base -- The Sun North Korea threat has Hawaii resuming Cold War-era nuclear siren tests for the first time in about 30 years -- CNBC Noise heard near periled sub may have been implosion; water entered Argentine submarine's snorkel hours before it vanished - Argentine Navy reveals 12 days after it went missing -- Mirror UK  | Argentine Navy: U.S. undersea rescue module arriving in sub search area -- CBS News Iran's Tasnim News Agency, quoting Iranian Navy Commander Rear Admiral Ho

Mount Agung Volcano Imminent Eruption; Black Friday Online Sales Record • SUN NOV 26, 2017 9:01 AM CT

  TOP NEWS …  Mount Agung volcano activity in Bali prompts forecast of imminent eruption "Red Warning" for airlines -- BBC NEWS Youth pastor held in Thanksgiving slaying of family members in Chester, Virginia -- Fox News Cleveland shooting: Police search for suspects after 12-year-old boy shot and killed, five teens injured -- NBC News Deputy head of Iran's Revolutionary Guards has warned Europe that it could increase the range of its missiles -- sky NEWS Blazing fireballs seen over southern England by dozens of people — Sky News (@SkyNews) November 26, 2017 Explosion in factory in port city of Ningbo, China near Shanghai -- BBC News Six protesters killed and 200 people injured over clash when new version of proposed oath of lawmakers omits the mention of the Prophet Muhammad -- New York Times St. John, Indiana teacher busted; caught on video allegedly doing drugs in classroom at Lake Central High School -- Fo

Woman Raises Over $230K for Homeless Man Who Gave Her Last $20; Suspected Texas Cop Killer Caught • THU NOV 23, 2017 10:15 PM CT

  TOP NEWS …  Female suspect Julia Poff charged with mailing deadly explosives to Barack Obama and Texas Gov. Greg Abbot -- Washington Post Suspect Darbrett Black captured in Waller County after shooting death of Texas Department of Public Safety trooper on Interstate 45 south of Fairfield -- Fox News Suspect in today’s fatal TXDPS trooper shooting in Freestone County has been captured in Waller County near Prairie View. Excellent operation by numerous agencies to take this suspect into custody with no additional casualties. #wallercounty #txdps #freestonecounty — Navarro County OEM (@NavarroOEM) November 24, 2017 — Navarro County OEM (@NavarroOEM) November 24, 2017 Possible explosion detected near last known location of missing ARA San Juan (SR-42), missing since Wednesday November 15, 2017 -- US News & World Report Murdered Baltimore police detective was set to testify in police corruption case, shot with own gun --

Chilean Singer, Composer Suing Disney for "Let it Go" Ripoff; Major Bombing in Mosque Egypt

  TOP NEWS …  Militant extremists bombing during Friday prayers kills 200 or more at al-Rawdah mosque, a Sufi mosque in Bir al-Abd, Egypt with additional car bombings blocking roadways -- CBS News ISIS-affiliate gunmen waited outside to shoot fleeing worshippers in mid-day Egypt mosque attack in Sinai Peninsula -- CNN Hope lost of finding Argentine 44 crewmembers of ARA San Juan alive after reports of an underwater explosion -- Jane's 360 Russia launches deadliest submarine  The Knyaz Vladimir capable of launching 16 city-destroying ICBMs with further reach than any US submarine -- The Sun Sentence more than doubled, from 6 to 15 years, for Oscar Pistorius in South Africa's Supreme Court of Appeal after government said sentence was too lenient -- NPR "If you love me, squeeze your hand." 8-year-old girl who suffered a brain aneurysm earlier this week responds to her mother's voice in the hospital. We're all pulling for you, Holly! h

US Navy Plane Crashes Near Japan, Mobile Homes Too Expensive • WED NOV 22, 2017 5:04 AM CT

  TOP NEWS …  US Navy C-2 "Greyhound" aircraft crashes into Pacific Ocean south of Japan while en route to USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier -- Fox News USAF Talon jet trainer crashes in northwest of Laughlin Air Force base -- Janes 360 VIDEO: North Korea defection moment soldier flees -- BBC NEWS "Partridge Family" star David Cassidy has died at age 67, publicist confirms. "David died surrounded by those he loved, with joy in his heart and free from the pain that had gripped him for so long." — ABC News (@ABC) November 22, 2017 David Cassidy dead at age 67 -- TMZ Partridge Family star dies at 67 -- Variety Family of 6 killed in house fire in Lost Nation outside Dixon, Illinois in Ogle County -- ABC 7 Chicago Teenage suicide bomber kills at least 50 in Mubi, Nigeria mosque attack -- theguardian  [ MAP ] Manhunt ends as suspect arrested in case of shooting death of New K

Border Agents Attacked with Rocks; Day 6 Missing Argentine Navy Submarine

  TOP NEWS …  Border Agents suffered head trauma in attack with rocks after responding to activated ground sensor -- CBS News Trump returns North Korea to short list terror sponsor nations; says GW Bush overtures naive, misguided -- Washington Post Justice Department to oppose AT&T merger with Time Warner (Owned by Trumps "Fake News" CNN) -- National Review Judge William Orrick blocks Trump's sanctuary cities order to cut funding from cities that don't cooperate with U.S. immigration authorities -- NBC News Zimbabwe's ruling party Zanu-PF is set to begin impeachment proceedings Tuesday against longtime President Robert Mugabe -- Evening Standard Butt Dial to 999 (911 number in London) causes police to track location of underage drinking party  and gun offense using cellphone tower info -- Press Herald Former IRS executive Lois G. Lerner and IRS Deputy Holly Paz want testimony sealed permanently, fear physical harm -- The Washington

Border Patrol Agents Attacked, Harrison Ford Hero at California Crash • SUN NOV 19, 2017 10:46 PM CT

LAWSUIT: Family of 5-year-old boy crushed at Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel "Sun Dial" rotating high-rise Atlanta restaurant claims no protections and no emergency stop mechanism -- CNN High Winds Blamed in 40-foot Scaffolding Collapse landed on pedestrians at Broadway and Prince St, SoHo, Manhattan -- CBS New York   ... Citizen Rescue video -- New York Post Fatal Crash: Distracted driving now includes driving while blowing into anti-DUI ignition interlock device -- The Dallas Morning News Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe refuses to quit as president, thousands protest in streets -- skyNEWS Harrison Ford Helps Rescue Woman Who Crashed Over Embankment on California State Route 126 in Santa Paula, California -- TMZ Border Patrol Agent Rogelio Martinez  from Big Bend Sector Killed in Line of Duty, Partner Injured -- US Customs ... U.S. Senator Ted Cruz: "Attack on Two Big Bend Sector Border Patrol Agents." -- NBC5 Dallas Secret Service apprehends a

Manhunts for Shot Cops, Argentina Submarine • SUN NOV 19, 2017 5:59 AM CT

COP SHOT NEAR PITTSBURGH AND IN BALTIMORE Vehicle found in hunt for gunman in traffic stop killing of Pennsylvania cop Brian Shaw -- ABC News Gunman sought after police officer killed in New Kensington, PA near Pittsburgh during traffic stop -- CNN Reward climbs to $215K for killer of veteran Baltimore police detective -- ABC News

Facebook and Google Are Actually 'Net States' that Rule a New World

Wired Magazine contributor Alexis Wichowski  says the world needs net-states, because they occupy the same territory as the non-states -- the digital sphere. The writer deals with the uncomfortable concept that the popular majority is united beyond a nation-state realm, in a digital world of a Google or a Facebook.