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Russian Submarine off west coast of Ireland and Scottland; then headed for Cuba for military exercise

Kazan, a state-of the art Yasen-class submarine, was detected on June 5, 2024 after an RAF Poseidon P8 anti-submarine aircraft dropped sonar buoys and detected the submarine. Kazan (K-561) was off the west coast of Ireland to Scotland, passing close to Britain’s nuclear naval base at Faslane. Russian nuclear submarine spotted off UK coast sparks emergency meeting amid defence fears - Mirror Online Russian nuclear submarine spotted off UK coast sparks emergency defence meeting - 62 years after the Cuban Missile Crisis, Northern Fleet nuclear-powered submarine is headed for Havana | The Independent Barents Observer Russian military fleet arrives in Havana, Cuba BACKGROUND Faslane (bay) - Wikipedia

Homebuyer slowdown: real estate sales down 3.4% while sale prices up 4.3%

The average rate on a 30-year mortgage has been stuck near 7% since the middle of April 2024.  In the four weeks ended May 26, 2024, the median sale price was up 4.3% from a year earlier to a record $390,613, according to Redfin.  Median asking price $416,623. Pending sales down 3.4%. New listings up 7.8%. Active listings up 15.2% (highest level since December 2022). Median mnthly mortgage payment $2812 at a 6.94% mortgage rate up 7.3%. Nationwide on average, 6.4% of home sellers dropped their asking price during the four weeks ending May 26,  2024  the highest share since November 2022. Homebuyers Are Starting to Revolt Over Steep Prices Across US  - Yahoo! Finance Price Drops Hit Highest Level in 18 Months As High Rates Dampen Buyer Demand  - Redfin