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US Special Forces funds battlefield drug that puts traumatized soldiers in hibernation -- reduces blood pressure to minimize blood loss, but not too low for brain's needs

'Golden Hour' is a meaningless concept in far-forward military environments, such as Afghanistan and Iraq, where 87 percent of deaths occurred in first 30 minutes, 25 percent of those killed had survivable injuries […] A bolus of adenosine, lidocaine, and magnesium (ALM) has been shown to be cardioprotective and restore coagulopathy in different trauma states. […] Unexpected 100% survival following 60% blood loss using small-volume 7.5% NaCl with adenocaine and Mg(2+) in the rat model of extreme hemorrhagic shock. […] What about Hydrogen Sulfide? ... might work by reducing metabolism; H2S also reduces oxygen demand, which allows crucial neurons in the hippocampus -- the part of the brain that controls autonomic functions such as breathing and heartbeat -- to withstand low oxygen levels due to hemorrhage. […]

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel Resigns Under Pressure

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is stepping down under pressure, the first cabinet-level casualty of the collapse of President Obama's Democratic majority in the Senate […] President Barack Obama, who accepted Hagel's resignation, is expected to announce his departure Monday in a ceremony at the Rose Garden […] To the degree he has deviated from the Obama White House line, he's been more right than wrong (e.g., on the threat the Islamic State poses) […] Obama initiated discussions with Hagel about leaving in October — shortly before the mid-term congressional elections that saw the president's party take a beating […] Hagel was out of step with the administration on Isis, having urged the White House to clarify its stance on ushering Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad out of power and bizarrely inflating the threat Isis posed, calling it “an imminent threat to every interest we have” in an August press conference […]

Plans to Get to Hospital Fail; Lucy Grace Hojnacki Born at Buffalo Firehouse

On the way to the hospital for emergency childbirth with his pregnant wife, Jared stopped to help a woman get out of her car. The woman turned out to be a pediatric nurse with labor and delivery experience […] "Uh oh," said the Buffalo Fire Department lieutenant. "We've got a situation here!" […] "It was kind of incredible. God really put the people who needed to be in the right spot for us at the right time," Hojnacki's husband, Jared Hojnacki […] Elsewhere in the city: Buffalo Fire Department Engine 4 stuck and abandoned on Abbott Road in South Buffalo. #BuffaloSnow #nywx — DR (@Media371) November 19, 2014

"Death Wobble" ... Never Mind the Six-Pack of Beer and Methadone Dose

Gary Joseph Monaco crossed the centerline of Southeast Tilstrom Road near Deborah Drive and drove his 2006 Ford F-350 truck into, then over the top of Laura Schaefer's Nissan Versa -- killing Schaefer  […] Ms. Schaefer was pinned in the vehicle and Boring Fire personnel were required to extricate her from the wreckage. She died at the scene. […] Tillstrom Rd and Deborah Drive, Damascus ...

Digital Trunked Radios in Public Safety Promoted in a Post-9/11 World, But Are They Worth Risk of Catastrophic Failure and the Cost to Taxpayers?

Digital radios are working better than expected in Rochester, New York (Monroe County), but firefighters worry about rare catastrophic failure […] The county's commitment of $30M to a new radio system is on track but still facing some obstacles: No guarantee that a firefighter has backup options if radio signals are blocked. Fire districts question how to dispatch calls to volunteers, monitor and record calls to volunteers. Fire districts are facing hefty bills for new equipment. Proponents always exclaim the following improvements are necessary in a post-9/11 world, but it's ironic because New York City -- where the worst terror attacks occurred -- have not switched to digital trunked radios. Thirteen years after 9/11, NYPD police operate on a UHF repeater system and FDNY fire dispatch works on a UHF base-to-mobile system. "At the end of the day, the new system will ensure that emergency responders across the region can talk to one another on a single seamles

Drones for Neighborhood Watch, Military, Pizza Deliver and Whale Shark and Manta Ray Watching

"Game Changer" ... Cheaper, smaller, more invisible Air Force with drone  [YouTube …] DESOTO COUNTY, MS Neighborhood Watch drone army with "first drone command center in country" […] Dropping a pie into the hands of a customer in Prospect Heights (Brooklyn) […] A new perspective of Whale Sharks and Manta Rays from a drone […]

Tustin Homicide Suspect Killed in Crash with Wall at Rio Vista and Fontera St, Anaheim

MON NOV 3 2014 ~9:30 PM ANAHEIM, CA -- Driver wanted in connection with a homicide in unincorporated Tustin crashed his SUV at Rio Vista and Frontera St into a wall at high speed. Anaheim Fire Department: driver did not survive the crash […] Fatally injured woman found still alive in a home on Warren Avenue between Newport and Holt avenues in Tustin […]