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Big Boom at Night: Explosion in Gaza as Air Strikes Resume

Israeli airstrikes continued across the Gaza strip on Wednesday after Egyptian attempts to broker an end to the month-long war collapsed.

Daytime Arrests in Ferguson, Missouri

The demonstrations in Ferguson, Missouri were largely peaceful on Tuesday but witnesses saw some people being taken into custody by police. Protesters arrested for not walking fast enough.

ISIS Threat to US

How ISIS could threaten the US; How ISIS could threaten the U.S. Al-Trinidadi from the US? Al-Habashi from Britain? Lt Col. Rick Francona (RET.) Falah Mustafa Bakir, Foreign Minister, Iraqi Kurdish Regional Government: "We need the United States and NATO to interfere because we are fighting on behalf of all those who are against terrorism." Risk: US military assets given to Kurdish forces could get in the hands of ISIS or US-armed Kurds could progress to overtake all of Iraq.