Mount Agung Volcano Imminent Eruption; Black Friday Online Sales Record • SUN NOV 26, 2017 9:01 AM CT

Mount Agung volcano activity in Bali prompts forecast of imminent eruption "Red Warning" for airlines -- BBC NEWS

Youth pastor held in Thanksgiving slaying of family members in Chester, Virginia -- Fox News

Cleveland shooting: Police search for suspects after 12-year-old boy shot and killed, five teens injured -- NBC News

Deputy head of Iran's Revolutionary Guards has warned Europe that it could increase the range of its missiles -- sky NEWS

Explosion in factory in port city of Ningbo, China near Shanghai -- BBC News

Six protesters killed and 200 people injured over clash when new version of proposed oath of lawmakers omits the mention of the Prophet Muhammad -- New York Times

St. John, Indiana teacher busted; caught on video allegedly doing drugs in classroom at Lake Central High School -- Fox News
CBS TV engineer, 65, dies during 'auto-erotic' act in hotel wardrobe while wearing women's underwear in Tarentum, Pennsylvania in 2016; now life insurers don't want to pay -- Mirror UK

Police in New York, Los Angeles and London are likely to join forces to pursue criminal cases against harvey Weinstein -- theguardian

LAPD predicts bigger name stars will face sex-crime probes as 28 open investigations are revealed -- Daily Mail

Sen. Al Franken issues a new apology with "I'm a warm person; I hug people" -- Rolling Stone
Trump says he's not cooperating with Time magazine as it decides Person of the Year (December 6, 2017) -- AP News

Trump derides CNN days after DOJ moves to block AT&T and Time Warner media merger, but pledges not to get involved -- Politico
Flies more full of human pathogens than previously understood with 600 different bacteria an counting -- BBC NEWS

TV Ads, Newspaper Ads Start Nov. 26: US tobacco companies forced to run ads admitting cigarettes are addictive and smoking kills -- ABC News (Australia)
 TECH … 
Apple purportedly launch a new iPhone SE 2 in the first half of 2018, weeks after the rumoured Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ release date -- SUNDAY EXPRESS

Updated iPhone SE rumored to launch in 2018 might include Touch ID and a $101 greater price tag -- Forbes

David Pierce: Firefox Quantum, new browser from Mozilla, doesn't slow down like Google Chrome with multiple tabs open -- WIRED

Amazon Prime Music coming soon to Samsung Smart TV -- engadget

SanDisk Ultra 400 GB microSD card, the Sand Disk microSXDC USH-I can hold 40 hours of 1080p video, and transfer 1,200 photos per minute -- WIRED

Black Friday sets online sales record; shoppers spend up to $1M per minute; 18% increase from 2016, according to Adobe Analytics -- Fox News

Twitter reaction to upside down Christmas Trees -- People Magazine