Sweden gangland crime ruled by immigrants connected to Kurdistan Iraq, Iran, and Turkey

Several fatal shootings were reported in Sweden in September 2023 -- two in Uppsala and two in Stockholm. Over 100 attempted explosive attacks were reported, and 90 achieved explosions were reported in 2022.

Rawa Majid, born in Iran while fleeing from Iraq Kurdistan, is the suspected main leader of the Foxtrot criminal organization linked to multiple shootings and bombings in Sweden. Majid was possibly arrested in Iran on October 9, 2023 near the Turkey-Iran border.

Ismail Abdo (aka Dr. Phil), Foxtrot's former second in command, is now enemy of Raw Majid, and is at large, convicted of gun offenses and drug offenses. During revenge crimes between the now rivals, Ismail Abdo's mother was killed in September 2023. Ismail Abdo is believed to have been at large in Turkey, which does not extradite criminals.

Mikael Michalis Ahlström Tenezos, known as Greken (translates 'the Greek'), born April 30, 1998, is an at large abroad Swedish criminal (convicted of gun charges, drug offenses) who is the designated leader of the Dalen network -- a rival gang of Foxtrot.

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