Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) confronts Biden judicial nominee Mustafa Taher Kasubhai,

Sen. Ted Cruz asks if candidate Mustafa Taher Kasubhai believes we need to have a creative struggle towards redefining property. Also quoted a 2020 speech by Kasubhai: "Privilege derives its power from the belief in scarcity -- scarcity of money, natural resources, food and power itself. The desire to control it all drives privilege. I want to suggest to you that equity, the idea of equity, rejects this model of scarcity."

Cruz also asked the candidate if he believes that heterosexual sex is rape. Cruz asked about Kasubhai quoting, "sexuality is to feminism what work is to Marxism." Kasubhai replied he was summarizing different theories that people were presenting to employ an analysis.

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