Rashida Tlaib describes a calming feeling about Holocaust as her explanation includes a contradiction regarding the connection with her Palestinian ancestors

Rashida Tlaib describes a calming feeling that Palestinians who lost their land, lives, livelihood, dignity and existence in the name of trying to create a safe haven for Jews. Initially in the interview she says her ancestors (Palestinians) provided an offering Jews a safe space from genocidal persecution, but later she says the situation of providing land for Jews was forced on the Palestinians.

Elephant Civics is an X account that is described as Republican/Libertarian. The date of the interview initially unknown, was posted on X.com by Elephant Civics, and reposted on X.com by Citizen Free Press, which is a news website posted in a style similar to Drudge Report.

Elephant Civics on X: "Do you remember when Rashida Talib said the holocaust gave her a calming feeling? I do. This is the democratic party. This is the left. This is BLM. Share so the world can see. https://t.co/Q67RzZY3Md" / X

Citizen Free Press on X: "What did Rashida Tlaib mean when she said that remembering the Holocaust gave her "a calming feeling?" https://t.co/1GqvTIsv35" / X