Berlin 2023: Woman's home in Berlin branded with Star of David following Hamas attack in Israel

A Jewish woman who discovered a blue Star of David on her front door of her residence in the Prenzlauer Berg neighborhood of northeast Berlin, called the police, but was told the police were busy, and that she should make an online notification to the police department. She was also told to removed the symbol.

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Antonia Yamin אנטוניה ימין on X: "1/2 אתמול בלילה רוסס מגן דוד מחוץ לבניין בשכונת פרנצלאוברג בברלין. שוחחתי כרגע עם תושבת הבניין: ״איך שראיתי את זה התקשרתי למשטרה אך הם אמרו לי שאין להם כרגע פניות לשלוח ניידת ושאגיש את התלונה אונליין. הם המליצו לי להסיר את המגן דוד כי השארתו על הדלת עשויה לעורר עוד תגובות אז" / X - posted Oct 13 2023

Last night a Star of David was sprayed outside a building in the Prenzlauberg neighborhood in Berlin. I just spoke with the resident of the building:

X.COM TRANSLATION (WEAK 1/2 and 2/2 [original not shown])"When I saw it, I called the police, but they told me that they currently have no requests to send a mobile phone and that I should file the complaint online. They advised me to remove the Star of David because leaving it on the door might provoke more reactions then should create an online ad. They recommended that I remove the Star of David as putting it on the door could cause further reactions. Today I will not go to synagogue and I will not speak Hebrew on the street today.”

Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin - Google Maps