Nick Sauer Charged with Posting Sexual Images After Accusation by Ex-Girlfriend of Catfishing

Nick Sauer, a former member of the Illinois House of Representative, representing the 51st District in southwest Lake County, has been indicted on 12 felony counts of disseminating private sexual images.

In a statement issued Wednesday January 9, 2019, the Lake County State’s Attorney’s office reported that the charges against Nick Sauer stem from an investigation that discovered two victims. Sauer's ex-girlfriend was not listed as one of the victims, but she alleged in summer of 2018 that Sauer posted nude pictures of her on a fake Instagram account and "catfished" the account -- pretended he was her to engage in graphic sexual conversations with men online.

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Nick Sauer, Former Member of Illinois House of Representatives Representing 51st District in Lake County, Charged with Posting Sexual Images