Video from Kansas City Shows Fight Between Off-Duty Firefighter and Off-Duty Police Officer Working a Security Job

Nurse describes attempt to save firefighter after shooting.

Newly-released video shows a fight between a Kansas City police officer and a Kansas City firefighter moments before the police officer fatally shot the firefighter [...]

The night began with Kansas City, Mo., firefighter Anthony Bruno celebrating at a wedding reception with his new wife; and ended with Bruno being fatally shot by the police officer, who had delivered a knee to the firefighter's head, but now believed his life was in danger as Bruno repeatedly punched his head against the sidewalk [...]

Soon an arriving police officer asked what direction the gunman had fled. Police officer Donald Hubbard looked up. “I shot him,” he said [...] Editorial: The big lesson of KC cop killing firefighter: Don’t resist arrest  [...]

Bruno's blood-alcohol content was .21, according to his autopsy; photos of both subjects [...]