Nursing Student Working at McDonald's Says She Was Fired for Paying for Firefighters Meals and "Opening a Bee's Nest"

After firefighters given free meals after fighting a fire found out that Heather Levia, 23, from Olean, New York, had paid for the food herself, some firefighters called her boss and complained. At her next shift she was fired [...]

Levia sent her boss a text message to see if the company would pay the tab. She thought they might because she claims they regularly give free meals to police officers who stop by [...]

Firefighter Gordon Scott says he is upset that Heather Levia allegedly lost her job at McDonald’s because she paid for their meals [...]

Levia was not satisfied with her current job at McDonald’s in the weeks prior to the incident. On January 29, Levia posted on her Facebook page that she may be looking for a new job. She posted “Listen all [expletive deleted] hit the fan today [...]