Support for Family of Murder Victim Dora Betancourt -- 11-year-old killed in Suburb of Chicago

Dora Betancourt -- a kind, bubbly girl who loved cheerleading and sports as a student at St. John Lutheran School in Libertyville [...]

Mom wasn't home when 14-year-old older half-sister stabbed her 11-year-old sister to death because she had been 'ungrateful' and shouted the reason for the attack with each blow [...]

Mundelein Moms raised more than $6,000 for the family of both girls as they prepared for the funeral next week [...]

Rage, emotional disconnect, coverup, emotionally disturbed with emerging personality disorder, no impulse control? CNN's Don Lemon talks to Clinical Psychologist Dr. Jeff Gardere about a teen stabbing her younger sister to death, and how she may have had rage against mother for having to do too much work in the home.