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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Gathering Light: Center for Spiritual Seeking Has Unexpected View from Google Map Satellite View

UK Mirror: The phallus-shaped building also has a rather apt motto: "Rising Up" [...]

But it's not ...

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The church is holding services in a temporary location while the church building is under construction -- next door at 324 W. First Street. The church had to be demolished and rebuilt because it was on contaminated soil from a gas manufacturing plant that was purchased by Com Ed more than 100 years ago. Com Ed removed the contaminated soil and provided funds to demolish and rebuild the church [...]

The official Facebook page for Christian Science Dixon reports that the building was designed with the shape of a curbed building to keep an Oak tree on the property.

Christian Science Dixon Facebook page ...

The church has a sense of humor about the image, and put a fig leaf over the Google Map satellite image ...